Innovative Software Trial and Training Application for ISV’s Launches on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Many Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) do not have the resources they need to play on a level playing field with their cloud-ready competitors. Cloud-ready software companies are able to quickly deliver free software trials, convert trials into paying customers and train new customers across geographies.

The Trial.iO application levels the playing field by allowing ISV’s to deliver free software trials and conduct trainings on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Press Release

May 10, 2016

​​Motifworks today announced the launch of an innovative cloud-based software trial and training application, Trial.iO. The Trial.iO application is built for independent software vendors (ISV’s) that have not yet migrated to the cloud. With Trial.iO ISV’s can immediately deliver software trials and conduct training sessions over the cloud without involving IT resources. Trial.iO saves companies money by eliminating dependence on precious IT resources, increases speed to market and ensures a consistent experience regardless of platform. After the Trial.iO team has configured an ISV’s software, trials and training sessions can be quickly launched by anyone in the company with a single click.

Software companies are rapidly shifting to a cloud delivery model (commonly referred to as Software-as-a-Service or SaaS) because it allows them to quickly deliver new innovations and capabilities to customers.  Cloud delivery also allows companies to grow revenue by bringing in new users under a subscription model. According to Forrester Research, SaaS subscriptions produced $43 billion in revenues in 2012. This number is expected to top $106 billion in 2016.

Companies that have not migrated to a SaaS model are at risk of losing sales as consumers have become more accustomed to the ease, speed and dependability of software that is delivered in the cloud.

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